Tips on Arcachon

There are a lot of great places to eat in the city.

The best deals are usually in the harbor area (l’Aiguillon).
Francois Legallais street is also an interesting option.
In general, restaurants directly on the sea-side are more expensive. 

A few suggestions (rather expensive, but quite enjoyable):

* Places to eat:

1) Close to the conference site, if you really want to eat directly on the sea-side :
Chez Pierre (Bvd Michelin) (for the sea-food)

2) Harbor area:
Les terrasses du port d’Arcachon (for its terrace)
Le Patio (1 star Michelin) (menu at 55 euros during the week)
Le Chipiron (classical).
Ko-sometsuke.2k (a wonderful japanese restaurant)

3) Winter city area:
Hôtel Ville d’Hiver Arcachon : a great restaurant

4) Moulleau area:
Royal Moulleau (first of all for the view)

5) Pyla area:
Hôtel Haïtza (1 star Michelin), but you can just make a stop to buy a pastry on the way to the Dune du Pyla
Hôtel restaurant La Corniche : THE BEST VIEW. Having a cocktail here is great.

6) For oysters’ lovers, or just to enjoy a different setting, La Teste harbor is great (45 minutes walk from the conference site)
Among the many terraces, you can choose for instance "la 12Zen" or "Lé Fé Bassin".

* Ice-cream (a classical of Arcachon’s life)

1) The closest to the conference site: Ô Sorbet d’Amour (a large choice)

2) La Maison du glacier du Moulleau (bio ice cream) (Yuyu ice cream for instance)

3) Maxi Gelati 

4) Aux délices glacés (a very good deal)

* For Wednesday afternoon, before (or in replacement of) the boat trip :

1) To go surfing: take bus 1 (bus stop at the railway station), go to the last stop (Plage de la Salie Nord).
You can rent a surf/body-board/wetsuit directly on the beach (either with Ocean Roots or with 7 Seas).

2) To go for a long cycling tour: renta bike in Arcachon, take the boat to to le Cap Ferret,
and make the trip back by bike (70 kms for the full ride, but you can stop at 50kmin Biganos and get back to Arcachon by train).

3) La Dune du Pyla: if you have never climbed on it, this is a must. 5 km from Arcachon (easy bike ride), or with bus 1.

4) To sun-bath: rather choose the beaches such as Peyrere or southern.

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